How to Get to the Koh Samui Immigration Office from Koh Phangan Thailand

how to get to immigration office in koh samui from koh phangan

koh samui immigration office

For those of you looking to get a 30 day tourist visa extension, here are the directions on how to get to the Immigration Office in Koh Samui from Koh Phangan.

Which Ferry Should I Take to Koh Samui?

Your best option is going to be with Seatran Discovery ferry. This is the easiest and fastest with the best time schedule for this one day turnaround visa extension trip.

You always have the option to take the other ferries, but they are either slower, further, or don’t offer the best times for going there and back in one day.

How to Get to Koh Samui Immigration Office and Back to Koh Phangan for Your Visa Extension

  1. Take the 8:00AM Seatran Discovery Ferry from Koh Phangan to Koh Samui. It will depart from Thong Sala Pier, Koh Phangan to Bangrak Pier, Koh Samui. The ticket can be purchased at the Main Ticket Booth area at the entrance into the pier. The price is 300 baht per person one way. You may want to purchase the ticket the day before to make sure you’ll get a seat, especially if you’re traveling around Full Moon Party time.
  2. Take a taxi or a transfer van to the Immigration Office from Bangrak Pier.  The transfer van offered through Seatran Ferry company is 150 baht per person. Private taxi will be more but it may be faster since you won’t have to wait for all the other passengers in the van to get dropped off on the way to your stop.
  3. Get Your 30 Day Extension at the Immigration Office. Get your visa extension* taken care of at the Immigration Office. Be sure to check what is required before you head over to Samui and take everything you need with you before you leave Koh Phangan! Things like photos or copies can be taken care of at the Immigration office site, as they have little shops next to the immigration office to take care of those for you. But don’t forget things like your passport and money! I know that sounds silly, and you might be thinking, ‘who would forget their passport when they are going to get a visa extension?’ but this happens more often than you’d believe.
  4. Taxi back to Bangrak pier or Kill Some Time. Once you’re all done at the Immigration Office, you can head back to Bangrak Pier. If you have a lot of time left until the next ferry, you can do some sight seeing or shopping. One of my favorite places to stop is the Big Buddha. It is walking distance to the pier and it is a nice stop to see one of the biggest landmarks in Koh Samui, a giant golden Buddha statue. You also get to see an amazing view from top of the hill where the Buddha statue is situated.
  5. Ferry Back to Koh Phangan. The last Seatran Discovery ferry back to Koh Phangan from Koh Samui is at 4:30pm (16:30). If you happen to miss this 4:30 ferry, there are couple of other ferries that leave Koh Samui at a later time. 6:00pm with Haad Rin Queen at Big Buddha Pier and 7:00pm with Lomprayah at Nathon Pier. A thing to note is that is you take The Haad Rin Queen, it will take you to Haad Rin Pier not Thong Sala Pier. Haad Rin Queen is about 200 baht and 7pm Lomprayah will be 400 baht.
  6. Taxi/Bike back to your hotel or resort. Once you’re back in Koh Phangan, you can take a taxi back to your hotel or resort. I stay around Hin Kong Beach and Srithanu and it costs about 150 to 200 baht. Anything further will cost more, ranging from 200 all the way up to 600 baht if you’re out in Thong Nai Pan. Many of the resorts offer their own pick up service from the pier, so it might be worthwhile to check with them beforehand to make the arrangement.

*Tourist Visa Extension fee is 1900 baht the last I’ve checked. It is good for a 30 day extension after your initial 30 days or 60 days expire. For more details about the visa extension process, check out my other post here.

Happy travels!

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