How to Use the Bum Spray in Thailand Toilets

how to use bum spray thailand toilet

Toilets In Thailand

Many people ask us about the use of toilets when they first come to Thailand. Specifically, about the little water sprayer that you find next to the toilets.

What is it? And How do you use it?

We’ve tried to find a video on YouTube that explains how it’s used, but we haven’t had much success in finding one that gives a good explanation.

And you know, this is not exactly something we necessarily want to give personal demonstrations on the toilet for all of our guests, family, and friends… We don’t want that, and I’m pretty sure they don’t want that either.

So, I’ve made a little friendly illustration for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome! 😉

It’s pretty self-explanatory once you see it. I think it’s actually a much more effective way of cleaning yourself than using tissue to wipe. I’ll explain a little more about the details and some extra tips below the illustration. 


The Bum Gun

how to use bum spray in thailand toilet

What is a “Bum Spray”?

I’m sure this thing has an actual name, but I don’t know what it is. It’s just the water sprayer next to the toilets that you rinse your bum with, so we simply call it the “bum spray”.

How Do You Use The Bum Spray?

  1. You first take care of your bizness (Pee or Poo).
  2. When you’re finished, You simply grab the bum spray and Aim & Spray to rinse away any residual urine or fecal matter.  If you’ve gone #2, you’re going to aim from the back towards your anus and spray until you feel you’ve rinsed away everything. If you’ve gone #1 and you’re female and/or sitting on the toilet, you’re going to aim from the front at a downwards angle towards your genital region to rinse. Generally, you can control the water pressure by how much you press down on the sprayer’s handle. If you press lightly, the pressure will be lighter, if you press down all the way, the pressure will be stronger.
  3. The toilet paper is used for drying yourself from the water. It’s not really used for wiping away the pee or poo. Because you’re using water to rinse everything away, you end up using much less toilet paper and you feel a lot cleaner. A win!
  4. Now this step is very important. You don’t want to throw away the toilet paper into the toilet!!! This causes a lot of problems for toilets in Thailand. The plumbing system is not the same as what you might be used to. If you throw away toilet paper into the toilet, it will back it up! What you want to do instead is you simply toss it into the trash bin and NOT into the toilet.

And that is how you use the bum spray and toilet in Thailand! 🙂

A Couple of Extra Tips For The Bum Spray:

  1. ALWAYS take some tissue with you when you go to the toilet. Especially when you’re going to public toilets. When you are going on a ferry, a train, a bus, anytime you are going somewhere outside of your home or hotel, take it with you! You never know if they will have toilet paper in the stall or not. You may end up not needing it, but if you forget and you need it, you’re going to find yourself in err, a shitty situation. They sell small tissue packs at all the stores, all 7-Elevens, Family Marts, etc, which is pretty much around every corner all over Thailand, so you have no excuse not to have them.
  2. This second tip is something I learned from the University of YouTube. If you’re using a public toilet and you’re not so sure about the cleanliness of it, you can spray down the toilet seat first to rinse/clean it up before sitting on it. The seat will be wet, but it’s much better than sitting on someone else’s urine or something even more interesting. 😉

Happy travels and happy bum spraying!!

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