Ferry Times for Koh Phangan Thailand

ferry times koh phangan

ferry times koh phangan

Figuring Out Ferry Times

If you’re traveling to and from Koh Phangan and you’re trying to find the ferry times, you may end up getting very frustrated.
There are about 6 different ferries that go in and out of Koh Phangan, each with their own websites and own time schedules.
  • Raja Ferry
  • Lomprayah
  • Seatran
  • Songserm
  • Haad Rin Queen
  • Night boat

Because there’s not one single place with all of the ferry times, anytime you are planning your travels to leave (or come into) the island, you’re going to look through 5 or 6 ferry websites just to figure out which time is the best for your needs. This drove me bonkers.

You can certainly use a travel agent to ask about the ferry times, but who wants to contact a travel or booking agent for every time you want to find out about a ferry departure time?


The first few times of trip planning from Koh Phangan, I was seriously pulling my hair out. It really bothered me that there wasn’t an easier way to know all my options without having to spend hours checking multiple websites.
After several of these time-consuming, ultra-frustrating trip planning ordeals, I’ve decided to make my own time chart – one simple chart that has all the ferries, all the times, and which pier they go to and from. I went through all the individual ferry’s websites and schedule postings and put them together in one excel sheet.
This chart has been such a useful tool ever since! I use it on a regular basis for myself and for all our visitors as well.
I’m sharing it here so that anyone who has found themselves in the same situation as me, living in Phangan or traveling, can have an easier travel and trip planning experience.
Check it out below. Enjoy. 🙂


ferry times chart koh phangan

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