Digital Nomad Cafe Review: Good Morning Chiang Mai Cafe

Good Morning Chiang Mai Cafe Thailand

  Good Morning Chiang Mai Cafe Thailand

I’ve been checking out a lot of different coffee shops in search for the best places to get solid work done. Here’s my review of Good Morning Chiang Mai, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Good Morning Chiang Mai Tropical Inn



South side of Old City, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Address: 29/5 Ratchamanka Soi 6, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200

Phone: 052 002 424

Hours: 7:30am – 5:00pm Daily

Size and Seating

Large.  This place is pretty spacious. It has indoor as well as outdoor seating w/many tables, some couches and chairs. They also have an upstairs area, but it was closed off when I was there.

Power Outlets

Not many. 1 outside and about 2 or 3 inside the cafe.


Good. Strength seemed to be stable as I didn’t notice any disruptions for the few hours I was there. They provide continuous WiFi (No 2 hour limit like many cafes in Thailand). Password is provided on the menu.



I only had their Iced Americano. It wasn’t the best coffee I’ve ever had, but it was not bad either. It was slightly on the weaker side, which I don’t mind because my body can’t handle too much caffeine. I’d rather have weaker coffee than have it be too strong and get the super jitters. The Iced Americano came slightly sweetened, so if you don’t want sugar, be sure to tell them when you place the order (I wish I had known!).

They also have a good selection of teas and fruit shakes/smoothies. Johnny ordered a Banana Shake and it was delicious.


Yes. They have a whole variety of western food items on the menu as well as a few Thai dishes. This cafe serves as restaurant and coffee shop for the hotel.

I had two strips of bacon as a snack, which was just okay. I don’t know why, but bacon’s never very good in Thailand.


Excellent. If you’re an atmosphere sucker like me, you’ll probably love this place. The cafe is part of a boutique hotel and there are a lot of seating in the courtyard area which has a nice garden and a swimming pool. The place is very peaceful, relaxing, and clean.

The staff are friendly and they also speak English fairly well. Music is mostly acoustic lounge pop covers and standard coffee shop fare. Decor is a mixture of thai, hipster, and comfy with antique memorabilia items like posters, ads, and random old knick-knacks.

I especially liked that the tables and chairs aren’t tiny or uncomfortable. I was there for a few hours and sat in one of their outdoor tables. Even though I was in the shade, it got a bit too warm towards the end of my visit. Had I needed to stay longer, I probably would’ve moved to one of their indoor seats.


I would highly recommend Good Morning Chiang Mai if you are looking for a place with peaceful atmosphere, non-timed WiFi, and comfortable seating. It’s a beautiful cafe with friendly staff, decent coffee, and a wide selection of food and snacks. If you can deal with possibly not having access to a power outlet, Good Morning Chiang Mai is definitely worth checking out.

Cafe Exterior

Good Morning Chiang Mai Cafe Thailand Exterior

Inside the Cafe

Good Morning Chiang Mai Cafe Thailand

Courtyard Area

Good Morning Chiang Mai Cafe Courtyard

Menu & WiFi

Good Morning Chiang Mai Cafe Menu Thailand
Iced Coffee and 2 Strips of Bacon

Good Morning Chiang Mai Cafe Courtyard

Another View from Courtyard

Good Morning Chiang Mai Cafe Outdoor Seating Area

Have a fantastic day and get your coffee on! 🙂

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