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JohnnyFit Online

One of the ways that we make money online is through a membership website called JohnnyFit Online. I’m a 500 hour Registered Yoga Teacher, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and expert Group Fitness Instructor. This membership site allows me to surpass trading dollars for hours, and train clients in an online format anywhere and anytime.

JohnnyFit Online

JohnnyFit Online

My experience has cultivated many different training methods, and through JohnnyFit Online I can combine them all into an online program that you can subscribe to for a low monthly fee. It’s more affordable than hiring an actual personal trainer or attending yoga and group fitness classes. Plus, I can train anyone regardless of where they live.

There are dozens of workouts and yoga classes, and more are added every month. I’m excited about the possibility of moving to Thailand and filming yoga classes with the backdrop of tropical jungles and beaches.

Software Used

The main software that I use to run JohnnyFit Online are Wishlist Member, and OptimizePress. However, I also use the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. Let me explain how they all work together.

Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member handles the membership features of the site. Through Wishlist Member I can restrict web pages to only be accessible by designated membership levels. I connect it to Stripe to handle automatic recurring payments from clients, but you can choose from a lot of payment handling options. If anyone ever cancels their membership, then Wishlist Member automatically prevents them from accessing restricted content when their membership ends. It’s entirely automated.

Wishlist Member does its job so well, that I probably need to write an entire post about all of the functions that it performs, because that could easily turn into a really long article. I probably will in the future. I researched a lot of different options before choosing Wishlist Member to handle this job, and I’m glad I chose them! If you’re thinking about creating a membership site, I highly recommend using this software.


I use OptimizePress to handle the actual pages that members access my content from. They have a wide selection of templates for membership pages, landing and sales pages, as well as newsletter opt-in pages. The page templates look extremely professional, and they are also 100% customizeable, so that you can tweak them to get the look and branding that you’re after.

The reason that I chose OptimizePress to design my content pages over the other choices available was mainly due to price. You can get started with OptimizePress for one up front payment of $97 (at the time of this writing), and that allows you to use OptimizePress on up to 3 websites. There are other payment options if you need the ability to use it on more websites.

OptimizePress’ main competitors, Lead Pages and Instapage both charge around $30 per month to use, and the costs of using those can quickly escalate to a big expense if you’re not already making good money online. I know people who use both of those platforms, and they are good quality, but it’s that monthly charge that encouraged me to choose something else. I have been happy with OptimizePress, and haven’t regretted using it.

If you do choose one of these platforms, and later decide to switch to a different one, it could be a HUGE hassle to recreate all of the content on a different platform. Especially if you have a lot of pages to copy.

Genesis Framework

I have always used the Genesis Framework for my WordPress websites. If you’re serious about having complete functionality over your WordPress blog, then you really should go with something beyond the out-of-the-box WordPress features.

Genesis allows you to to add responsive design to your websites so that they adjust automatically to the size of internet ready device that you’re viewing from. There are a lot of options for widgetized areas and layout options, and it’s really easy to code in more if you want them. Additionally, Genesis makes it convenient to optimize your site for search engines.

There are a ton of child themes to lay over the Genesis Framework that allow you to fully customize how your site looks without knowing how to do much HTML or CSS coding. However, if you do know HTML or CSS, then you can also tweak the child themes to your heart’s content. I have never found it difficult to look up the different codes that I need to tweak my sites. I’m a self-taught developer.

It is possible to create your membership site using only Genesis, or OptimizePress, but combining them together has given me the ability to do exactly what I want as I customize my website.

I’ll more than likely write individually about each of these things in the future, but feel free to ask me about any of these products, or my membership site in the comments below. I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching these, setting them up, and tinkering with them. I’d be happy to help save you some of that time!


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