Point of No Return – We Sold Our Bed


Hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving! I wanted to give you a quick update on what’s going on with us. Our possessions are dwindling, and we feel as if we’ve passed the point of no return.

Point-of no return

Two weeks ago I talked about how we began selling all of our things. Most of the big things are gone, and now we’re down to all of the little stuff. We’ve rented a room in Portland’s Alberta district for the month of December, and moving out of our apartment, sans stuff, is going to be the easiest move I’ve ever had!

Every day more and more of our stuff is going away. It really hit home over the weekend when we sold our dining room table. That table was like the center of our apartment. Most of our at-home time was spent around it when we weren’t on our computers. We ate at the table, and our guests sat around the table to have drinks with us.

The absence of that table made us feel that this is really happening. Change…

The Point of No Return

Yesterday, we sold the bed. We spent last night on our inflatable mattress. That was the threshold of our point of no return. Our possessions are mostly gone, and we have our plane tickets in hand. Now, there is the waiting game for December to pass.

Neither one of us have family in Portland, and without a table and most of our things, our Thanksgiving Day celebration is mostly about organizing our remaining things to be sold this weekend in our final push.

We bought an apple pie yesterday at Whole Foods, which we started eating for breakfast. We’ll probably eat Chinese for our main meal today. It won’t be the first time I’ve done that on Thanksgiving.

I haven’t lived near my parents in thirteen years. In that time, I’ve only spent one Thanksgiving with my family. Plane tickets always cost too much this time of year, and I never considered it worth the money.

In that time, I have had non-traditional Thanksgiving dinners by myself (not advisable), potluck style dinners with groups of transient young people (my favorite way to celebrate this holiday), and have been a guest among other people’s family. Obviously, I am without a real tradition on this holiday, and so my current predicament is not really disheartening. Life is good.

Earlier, instead of fussing over ingredients and preparatory chores, I built a Facebook ad campaign for our next Sugar Detox Party. Later, someone is coming by to buy some stuff that I posted on Craigslist, and I might fit some yoga in.

The Experience of Empty

Sitting in this mostly empty apartment allows me to recall some previous memories. I’ve had similar feelings before – after a breakup, and when moving into a new place by myself.

Perhaps you’ve had a similar experience after a breakup. You sit in your apartment, and sort through the possessions that remain, and seem perplexed by the feeling of aloneness. Or, when you move into a new apartment by yourself with no housemates or lovers. Your things aren’t sufficient to fill the place. It seems empty. There’s a juxtaposition of emptiness and possibility…

I’m certainly not alone this time. I have Ali with me going through the same things, and with similar emotions. I am thankful for her in my life, and for all of the decisions, paths, and people who have allowed me to position myself where I am today.

When you can embrace change instead of fearing it, endless possibilities are only an imagination away. Following through, well that’s something else.

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