3 Months Out

3 months out

Hey everyone, I want to update you on our progress to become expats. We have our plane tickets purchased, and we fly to Bangkok on January 25th. So, there’s a date set. We’re 3 months out, and it’s on!


It’s hard to describe where my mind is. There’s a dichotomy of being truly happy here in Portland, and also being truly happy to leave it.

Happy to Be Here

Part of me is dreading the process of saying farewell to everyone. The reminiscing and stirring up of feelings will be added to the stress of moving internationally.

It’s important that I remember that the circle of people I run with in this town are the best I’ve ever known. They are creative, passionate, active, and conservators of a better way. My life has truly been enriched by them.

I hope to be present in my interactions these next few months and appreciate everyone I know.

The summer that I just experienced here was the best summer in my 9 years of Portland living. We consistently had weather above 70 degrees from April through August. September was nice, and brought much needed rain. I traveled to Crater Lake, hiked in the Columbia River Gorge, floated the Deschutes River, walked in the sand at the coast, and had so many evenings of food and drink with friends.

Professionally, my schedule is full. I’ve had to turn down several offers for classes and small group training.

It’s rewarding to make a full time living in Portland, while teaching yoga and fitness training. There are a lot of options for fitness activities, and the competition for students and clients is tough with so many high caliber teachers and trainers in town.

Happy to Leave Here

I can continue to develop my online fitness and yoga classes while I teach at exotic locations internationally, so I should do that! If there is a “what’s next” after you figure out how to turn your passion into an income, then it’s to expand your experience of that.

Portland has the tightest housing market in the country. There are typically lines of people waiting to see apartments and ready to sign the lease. The result is that the cost of housing is skyrocketing. The last I checked, pay for teaching group fitness classes is not. I’d be lying if I said that this hasn’t affected my decision to leave.

When I first moved here, the city had a real “bohemian” sense about it. Artists, musicians, and creatives were turning run-down parts of town into thriving culture centers of weirdness. As people have flocked to these neighborhoods for the cuisine, brews, and access to downtown, the creative class has been priced out. The city has changed.

I’m not going to say that Portland is worse for the change, but just that it’s different now. It’s still the coolest and best place I’ve ever lived.

As Portland changes, so it is time for a change in my life. Traveling internationally and teaching yoga will lead me to where I need to be next. I feel inherently that my choices are right.

Feeling 3 Months Out

I’m thrilled, nervous, anxious, excited, happy, and a little scared all mixed together. I count the good fortune that my efforts and chance have provided to me, so that I could experience this time here and have such a grand adventure laid out before me.

I’ll update you real soon with some of the things I’m doing to prepare.

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