Thailand: Expat Yogi Destination

Thailand Temple Garden

The first destination that we’ve chosen for our expat lifestyle is Thailand. Thailand was chosen because it seems very far away and different from where we currently live in Portland, Oregon. Thailand also has relatively good internet connection throughout many parts of the country, and it is a very expat friendly country.

Thailand Temple Garden

Thailand Temples

I’m a classical tourist in the sense that when I travel somewhere new, even in the states, I like to visit landmarks, historical markers, natural wonders, and cultural information centers. With 95% of Thailand’s population identifying as Buddhist, Thailand boasts an estimated 40,000 Buddhist temples. That’s a lot of culture, landmarks, and scenery to take in!

I’m sure that visiting as many temples as I can throughout my travels of the country will occupy my inquisitive mind.

Thailand Temples

Thailand Culture

Thailand’s cultural history is very rich, and part of this legacy and enduring culture is because Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country that was never under European colonial rule. It was occupied for a brief time by Japan in World War II, but the duration of that occupation was too short lived to change the culture.

Thailand Budism

Thailand Elephants

I love animals, and at one time I was pursuing a degree in Environmental Science so that I could do what I could to support habitat maintenance and restoration. That path eventually led me to a degree in political science. Today, I’m a yoga teacher doing what I can to make the world a better place, but I still love animals!

There are an estimated 5-6 thousand elephants that live in Thailand. Elephant Nature Park is an elephant sanctuary where these national treasures are cared for. I can’t wait to visit, and make an elephant friend! I’ve only seen elephants in zoos, and at the circus, and I would very much enjoy seeing them roam in an area more suited for them.

I’ve always felt a sense of awe and wonder in the presence of these majestic beings. They are such beautiful creatures!

Thailand Elephants

There are a lot of monkeys in Thailand, and I happen to be a fan of a little monkey business…

There is  monkey temple, monkeys on the beach, monkeys in a city, and monkey festivals. I’m sure the mischievous creatures can be quite the pests, but again, it’s something so different from where I currently live, that I’m looking forward to seeing some of them.

The macaques are the most abundant monkeys, but Thailand is home to many species of monkey. Don’t worry, you won’t find me trying to touch them if I can help it. I’m allergic to tetanus, and will have to be treated in some other way in the event that I’m bitten.

Thailand Monkeys

Have you been to Thailand and experienced the temples, culture, elephants, or monkeys? Let me know about the experience in the comments below, and feel free to post a picture!


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