We’ve Decided to Stay in Koh Phangan


For the last 2 months, we’ve been living in Chiang Mai, and having a wonderful time figuring things out and learning the customs. However, on our trip to Koh Phangan, something remarkable has happened. We’ve decided to stay in Koh Phangan indefinitely, or until our visa runs out. Let us fill you in!


Create Opportunity By Being There

Ever since this adventure of ours started, the idea has always been that if we place ourselves in a certain situation, a desirable outcome is sure to come from it. I knew that I wanted to teach yoga internationally, and maybe find a nice resort where this could happen. The plan was to place ourselves in Thailand, present ourselves and our skills, and see what happens.

Well, if I could pick a best case scenario, then it has happened!

Chiang Mai was going swell. We were making friends, and settling into routines. I couldn’t quite help but feel that something was not entirely right for us though. As we continued to work on our websites, we realized that we either had to start increasing our income from them, or else we would eventually run out of money and have to return home.

All along, my gut was telling me to find an island resort, so I convinced Ali that if returning home was plan B, then we at least needed to see a Thailand island while we were here.


After going through all of our choices, we decided that it would be best to spend 2 weeks on one island, then try to get to as many as we could. We settled on Koh Phangan and made arrangements to travel there for 2 weeks.

I researched a number of places that I thought might be a match for me, and sent this email to them:

Experienced Yoga Teacher Seeks Teaching Opportunity

Hello, do you have any open yoga teaching positions?

I am currently in Thailand, and will be on Koh Phangan beginning on the 16th of March.

I’m looking for teaching opportunities within a yoga community. A long term commitment is possible (and desirable).

I am an alignment based 500 hour registered yoga teacher, with 5 years of experience teaching, and over 9 years of practice.

I am also a certified personal trainer, certified on TRX Suspension Trainer, and an expert group fitness instructor. I have taught over 6,000 classes.

I have experience owning and managing a boutique yoga/fitness studio for 2 years in Portland, Oregon, with high end clientele. I had a staff of 7 teachers/trainers. I’m positive that the skills I cultivated during that time: managing/training staff, program creation and customer service are of use to you and meet the requirements of this position.

Details of my training and experience are indicated in the attached resume.

Additionally, I am accompanied by my wife, and if it’s necessary for any upgraded accommodation, we would be happy to discuss rates, volunteer work, or any other matters that pertain to that.

She has experience managing a luxury spa at Equinox in Santa Monica, California.

We could produce high quality videos for your social media, as well as daily images for your social media and website. We have all of the equipment, camcorder, action cam, and software required. Or, we can provide any other additional work necessary for the community.

We are both college graduates with many skills at your disposal.

Our websites that we manage all aspects of include:

Please review my attached resume, and I would love to hear from you.

After hearing back from a couple of places stating that they weren’t looking for anyone at the moment, we became resigned to at least having a good island vacation, and blogging about the yoga studios we would visit.

However, on the day before our flight from Chiang Mai, I received an email from Ananda Yoga & Detox Center, and through our back and forth, agreed to a meeting on our 3rd day on the island.

It turns out from our meeting that it was not my yoga teaching skills they were after, but my experience owning/managing my studio, and Ali’s Equinox spa experience. They felt that we would be a perfect fit to bring in as consultants to help them boost their detox program, and build from scratch a brand new weekly yoga retreat program.

Stay in Koh Phangan

They offered us room and board in a concrete air conditioned room with hot water (a rarity among island bungalows), use of a motorbike, 3 meals per day, and use of the facilities herbal sauna and salt water swimming pool. We decided to forego the rest of our island vacation, and start the next day!

The Gulf of Thailand is literally across the street from the resort. We have a West facing view, and can see a beautiful sunset every day.

Hin-Kong-Beach Koh Phangan

Additionally, there is discussion about obtaining a work visa and staying on at the resort indefinitely.

The stars have aligned, and our skills, and the resort’s needs have perfectly been matched. We can’t believe our good fortune despite my instinct telling me all along that if we placed ourselves here, then something would happen.

Oh, and the yoga teaching thing…

They let me teach one class the first week, and received great feedback. Now I’m teaching a gentle hatha class 5 days a week at 4:30p in addition to my consulting duties. Stay tuned for the weekly yoga retreat info, as I’ll be releasing that as soon as the planning is complete.


Ali has returned to Chiang Mai with our original return ticket to close down our apartment, and grab the rest of our things. Our duties have us really busy at the moment, so the best way to stay up with our day to day is through our Instagram account. It’s so much easier to post daily photos than to update the blog.

Stay tuned for more of this exciting adventure!

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